22 February 2005

Vazhai Pazha Kathai

Sometimes reality is funnier than films. Check this.

Background: There was one server whose size was increased by 50GB last week. Today, there had been space problems and on checking this guy found out that the 50GB was missing. So he called on support guy to enquire.

Guy: Hi, on the server XXX we had added new space last week. I don't find it now. Any idea what happened?
Sys Guy: Let me check....(after some time) It is there
Guy: where is it?
SG: In the server only.
Guy: I don't see it.
SG: Click on C drive...blah, blah,blah
Guy: (Frustrated) We had 200GB and added 50GB Last week. So we should have 250GB in total. But if you check now, it is not so.
SG: Yea correct, you have used it
Guy: (has gone to a state like Govundamani)...fine, even if I have used it, the total size should show 250GB right? Where is it?
SG: You have used the new space. You should try deleting some of the unwanted files there!!! Then you would get the space back.

Guy has enough and goes off in a huff to smoke, asking me to handle this....now I'm trying to talk sense into this SG :))

Me: Now look here. We had 200GB initially. Added 50GB. So total is 250GB. We have used 190GB. So the remaining blah blah blah


Chakra Sampath said...

andha 50 gb daan 200 la irukke.. :))

Aravinth said...

ha ha ha

PVS said...

illa Chakra...muthalla irukthu todanguvoom... :))