15 February 2005

I see, I want

Yesterday had an interesting experience. Had taken my 13 months old daughter to the mall. We were just window shopping, when I noticed a beautiful black snoopy sandals for her. Planning to get it, I tried it on her, but it was a bit small. When I tried removing it, my daughter wouldn't allow. She wanted to wear the new one!!! I slowly removed the new one and slipped on the old ones by distracting her. The moment I had slipped in the old one, she removed it and tossed it aside and started insisting that she have the new one. No amount of cajoling and distracting could pacify her. She wanted that particular sandals and nothing else!!!

This was really shocking for me since I hadn't expected a girl so small to know the difference between a new and old sandals and moreover insist on wearing the new one.

PS: Finally I had to carry her out of the shop, while she was making sure in a big voice that she was dissatisfied with the way I was dealing with her!!! :((


Chakra Sampath said...

the current generation kids are very smart these days... :)

Aravinth said...

I remember my sister, who used to do the same things when she was a kid. Even Today my parents used to tease her.

PVS said...

yes Chakra thats really true. :))

Hmm, Aravinth, why dont you update those details... :))