30 May 2007


Saw Thiru Ranga, Arputha Theevu, part of maayakanadi and Naan avan illai during the weekend.

24 May 2007

Across the miles....

Got a call from a long lost family friend last night. The last we heard from them was 20 years back. She took the pains of finding a mutual friend and getting our contact number from them.

Getting a call from someone who you think about quite often, but have lost touch is wonderful.

22 May 2007

Where are you from?

During a recent trip, a lady asked my daughter,

"Where are you from?"

Pat came the reply: "My home!!!"

16 May 2007

Within a year

Last year, I was boasting to a friend in Switzerland that the rents in Singapore were comparitively lower. This year it has almost doubled :(

14 May 2007

Fashion Statement

Mummy I can't wear this dress and go out today.
B'cos I don't have a matching watch!!!

- from my 3 year old.