16 August 2011

A village holiday

Do you remember the time you spent at your grandparents place? A time away from the bustling city? A time away from pollution? A time spent in a care free manner? We had all that and I used to worry that my kids would miss them. But with the in-laws living in a village, they get to enjoy the best of both the worlds.

Taking you through a holiday in a village...

Green paddy fields welcoming you with a gentle sway...

Thaer thiruvizha to which each household in the village takes pride in the number of house guests they get..."akkam pakkathu pathinetu pattium varanum".

Iyyanarukku pongal, puthu thuni...

Pallanguzhi, thaayam, 7 kal, to while away the time when it is too hot to go out and play...

A Singapore Flyer or a Rattinum...both are fun.

A diwali with the extended family and friends...

Tender coconut to round it up!

21 July 2011

Artsy Crafty again

The little boy did the following two crafts in his school and it was just apt for Artsy Crafty July contest.

The first one is a splash of colors. And this is how the little boy explained his art work, "Mummy, you have to take the colors you like and drip-drip and splash-splash on the paper. Then we can stick glitter on foam and stick that on the frame."

This was the work he did today. It's his snail and he told that he stuck foam pieces round and round and got the snail's home on the back. There are leaves stamped at the bottom for the snail's food.

And this is the little girl's contribution. She did this for this year's pongal.

We didn't have kolam powder at home and rice flour was not giving a fine flow. So we mixed Sooji with Rice flour and got the fine flow. The little girl loves kolams and this was one that she did mostly on her own except for the final touches. Our neighbours came out and saw her putting the kolam in our backyard (we don't have enough space in the front) and asked her about it. There were so many questions on what it was and why she was doing it. She enjoyed explaining about it!!

28 March 2011

Kids Talk

On the day of the Parents-Teachers meet, the little girl says, "Amma, dont go and tell the teacher all that I tell you. She might think I dont have any work other than to tell you about school".

The little boy to his mama,
LB: J Uncle gave me this car. Do you know J Uncle?
Mama: No
LB: He is Danny's father. Do you know Danny?
Mama: No
LB: Ok, Danny is a small boy. He is my friend. Now do you know Danny?

During lunch:
LB: Dont talk. Nobody should speak while eating...
LG: Except me.
LB: Especially you akka.
(This was a pleasant surprise for us. We didn't expect the boy to know the difference between except and especially).

On other updates, the little girl has been participating in a few competitions and winning prizes. She has now gained in confidence that she volunteers for any competition in her school. As a side effect, the little boy is also learning to speak in literary tamil (thooya tamil. He can speak the whole kannagi dialog).