05 December 2005

The Home coming

A friend of mine is returning to India with his family after nearly 5 years in Singapore. I had initially thought he would be using public carriers to move his household items back to India and was a bit surprised when he informed that he was just relying on the 30 kgs per person allowance on the regular flights.

This is a real feat, considering the fact that we normally collect more than 30 kgs each time we visit India (and that is minimum once a year with atleast two visits from relatives and friends). I shudder to think the time when I would have to move back to India. I think we would end up leaving behind most of our stuff :))

02 December 2005

What else would you need?

They ask you to come to office on a weekend and pay for the transport, give you a day off and then top it with a gift..I like this :))