06 May 2008

Thrice the fun

We are off to India in two days and its going to be hectic + fun. My brother is getting married. This would be followed by my cousin's wedding. After which we would be attending the wedding of hubby's cousin. All the three would be within two weeks, starting with this sunday and ending the sunday after a week. In between we would be going for a thiruvizha (village temple festival). So you can imagine how hectic its going to be. With two kids and a hot, hot summer, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have already booked the services of the grandpas and uncles to keep the kids occupied (The ladies would all be busy with the celebrations).

As all the three weddings are of very close relatives, we would have the same people coming for all the three. So, there's no way of repeating any of the dresses or jewels. This has given me endless hours of shopping and to be precise, the main shopping was done by my parents and sister in India. I have gone around only doing the minor shopping for the kids and that in itself has been draining (I hate shopping).

The next updates would be from next month. See ya.