09 April 2012

My Egg

The little boy was helping me in the kitchen. He was counting the number of eggs needed for everyone in the family and placing them in the pan to boil. Once he was done I asked him, " Do you have enough for everyone."

"Yep" pat came the reply.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, ofcourse"

"Ok, if its not enough for everyone then you wont have an egg."

"But Mummy, I've already counted myself and placed my egg inside!"

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08 April 2012

Googly eyed Angry bird

The little boy had to wear a crazy hat for his school's crazy hat friday day. His current craze is Angry Bird and so he decided he wanted an angry bird crazy hat.

Overnight we sat to work and got this..

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19 February 2012

It's my Happy Journey day

The little girl and her brother were returning from India after the school holidays. The girl's birthday was the next day. So all who had come to send them off, wished the little girl a "Happy Birthday". The Little Boy felt left out. He put on his doggy face and looked forlorn. So the Periamma wished him a "Happy Journey" and the others followed. He was given a car as a gift and he considered it his "Happy Journey" gift. The next day when we were celebrating the girl's birthday, the little boy wanted to celebrate his "Happy Journey Day". He wanted a party and gifts. He wouldn't accept any explanation that we gave. He told his Periamma had wished him and so it was a special day!

18 January 2012

Artsy Crafty Jan 2012

This month's Artsy Crafty is "Paint your own Van Gogh". I was pretty excited to see this as my daughter had painted a few Van Gogh's when she was a 5 year old in her kindergarten.
This post and this one are about her Van Gogh painting experience.

This is her first 'Van Gogh' that adorned our living room.

PS: Going through the old posts made me realise how much of the kids life I have missed by not updating this blog. Will have to be more regular from now on.

17 January 2012

Happy New Year

Wish you all a Happy New Year. To new beginnings and more posts.