31 January 2006

Essential learnings for life

Did you know:

Killing a person in Chennai is as simple as shooting him point blank on the head in a park with lots of kids playing around and no one actually noticing it.

Killing is also such a normal act that the killer can easily revert back to normal life, without a trace of remorse.

In the midst of all this, eating an ice cream when it rains is so peculiar, that anyone who does it should belong to one particular family (should really appreciate the director for coming up with such wonderful ideas…you can add this to the “Kudumba pattu” reunion types)

And the best is:
You can put out a fire on your back by flapping your hands.

I learnt all these when I watched Aathi (a new Tamil Film starring Vijay and Trisha).

27 January 2006

மழலை - இனிய தமிழ்

அம்மா வந்தியா





19 January 2006


One of my friends has got Singapore Citizenship for her whole family. She was contemplating whether to go for the whole family or not as her second son has a US citizenship as he was born there. But since the kids can have dual citizenship and decide when they are 17 as to which citizenship they would like to retain, she went for the whole family.

Ever since she told that they have got the Singapore Citizenship, I have been wondering about the mindset of such people. Would they truly feel Singaporean and would they tell everyone that they are Singaporeans and not Indians? Would they really look with pride when there is some achievement by a Singaporean? Who would they support if there was a competition between a Singaporean and an Indian? I feel they would remain Indians at heart and use the Singapore Passport for convenience sake.

16 January 2006

New Year and Pongal Wishes

Back after another break...

Although a bit late, here's wishing you all a very happy new year and a happy pongal.

Had been to India the past few weeks. Had gone there just after the rains had done their ravage and the whole country side was fresh and green with all the waterfronts full. All the small lakes (yerri) were full and I had the joy of seeing a "Full Cauvery" after many years. Although the Sun TV had claimed huge damages everywhere, it was not as reported. Some roads were battered very badly and some of them were in really good shape. This was a surprise, as I had expected most of the roads to have been washed away, considering the floods. Only the low lying plains and sites close to the river were affected.

An example of what privatization could do to the country was seen from the Reliance Petrol Pumps...something to be proud of. It was up to international standards with beautiful gardens, large area, clean toilets and good drinking water!!! Some portions of the National Highway (NH45) between Trichy and Chennai were also very good. Three way lanes with clear markings and no potholes!!! There were also areas with small buildings, which were marked for Trucks. This is for the lorries and trucks, when they want to take a break. A nice concept to ensure lorries and trucks don't occupy the highway and disrupt the traffic. Most of these roads reminded me of Malaysia and unsurprisingly, came to know that the road contracts were given to some Malaysian company!!!

A cool breeze was always blowing in Trichy and there were drizzles almost every evening. The buildings in Thathachariyar gardens were affected by the rains, with floods covering almost the whole of the ground floor. In a way I felt that they warranted what they got. Disrupt nature and nature would disrupt your life. I heard that many of them have now vacated their houses in ground floor and gone to other places.

My husband's place is a small village next to Trichy and I love going there. Especially the visits to the fields are a treat. This year the visit was extra special, since my daughter is big enough to enjoy the fields and cows. We need to wade through a small river (oodai) to reach the fields. Normally the river is dry and we go directly to the fields by car or bike. This time, we had to stop the car a good distance away and wade through the knee high water. The water was crystal clear and cool. The nearby fields were a treat to the eye with sunflowers in full bloom and lush green paddy. The oadi karai (river bank) had tamarind trees and we plucked raw tamarind to eat while we made our way to the fields. My daughter was excited with each and everything that she saw and the pump set (a small tank where the water is pumped out from the well) was her heaven. With a doting grandfather ready to satisfy all her wishes and whims she had a whale of a time. The way she played in the water and the amount of illaneer (tender coconut ) that she drank had me worried about her health.

All these bought back memories of my childhood at my granny’s place. The raw tamarind that we used to pluck from the neighbor’s fields and the way we used to play in the water in the pump-set. Oh…for those good old days!!!