31 January 2006

Essential learnings for life

Did you know:

Killing a person in Chennai is as simple as shooting him point blank on the head in a park with lots of kids playing around and no one actually noticing it.

Killing is also such a normal act that the killer can easily revert back to normal life, without a trace of remorse.

In the midst of all this, eating an ice cream when it rains is so peculiar, that anyone who does it should belong to one particular family (should really appreciate the director for coming up with such wonderful ideas…you can add this to the “Kudumba pattu” reunion types)

And the best is:
You can put out a fire on your back by flapping your hands.

I learnt all these when I watched Aathi (a new Tamil Film starring Vijay and Trisha).


chummar@gmail.com said...

Was reading your post on Australia. I'm planning to visit Sydney sometime in Apr/May for a week or so. Please email me some tips on where to stay and see etc. Appreciate your help.


Ram.C said...

surprised that you had watched the entire movie... it was a 'written off' movie, which I had decided never to touch.

Amrita said...

interesting thoughts to come up in someone's mind after seeing a movie!