31 May 2005

Tamil Rocks

When I saw Nayagan as one of the best 100 All Time Movies on Time magazine, I was overjoyed. To couple it, Roja has found a place among the best sound tracks in the world and that too in the top 10!!. A big Applause for Mani Rathnam and A.R. Rahman.

Although there might be arguments that there are better films and sound tracks, I am glad that these two have been selected. It does give Tamil films a much needed recognition.

Mani Ratnam's reaction to Nayagan's selection is almost a damper.

------ Mani Ratnam, who's the only living Indian filmmaker to feature in the list, is sceptical about the honour: "I've long forgotten 'Nayakan' and moved on.
"There're so many films and filmmakers who deserve to be counted among the best. This is just the arbitrary decision of a couple of people, nothing more. I'm certainly not dancing on rooftops with pride and joy."

Why did he have to answer like this? How can he dismiss Nayagan? Shouldn't one be proud of their works?

27 May 2005

Visiting places

There has always been a big fight when we plan a vacation, especially when it is to new places. I prefer going places and learning new things. My preference is always a new country with the itinerary packed with places to visit. The hubby on the other hand prefers places where one can enjoy in leisure. Like a beach resort or a hill station where we can rejuvenate ourselves.

Ultimately the place would be decided based on who can argue better...And mind you, unlike most of the jokes that we see around, my hubby wins most of the time :(

Now, coming to the point, nowadays I too feel an inclination towards the resorts. Places where I can put down my hair and enjoy without any hassles. Places where I can allow my body to relax and take in the beauty around.

So am waiting eagerly for the next vacation plans...the hubby is surely going to be surprised.

24 May 2005


Slowly but surely when the day's early
Keeping our aims and ends in view
Never cast down by the troubles we meet
Brave in the hour of sour defeat
For life is a test
Where the brave do their best
Whether in work or in play
Strengthen your efforts
Maintain your Zeal
Play up and Play the game!!

----I'm not sure how many times I've sung this song and how many times it has provided me with inspiration. This was our school song and we took great pride in singing it. I cherished and enjoyed each and every line of it even when I was small. Earlier it was the music that had me humming this song. Later on, the words and meaning had more impact. They had the potential to rekindle my spirits. This song has been sung for almost a century now. But it is still vibrant and youthful as ever!!

Hail to our happy school days
Youth with a will to win!!!

That's the beginning line of the song.

BTW, The school is St. Joseph's Convent, Coonoor.

20 May 2005

Fancy Dates

There are a large number of marriages being solemnised today. Some say its going to be the record number for this year, surpassing even the other special days like Feb 14th and May 5th.

One of the main reasons people selected today was that it would be easy to remember. 20-05-2005. Yea, that looks pretty easy. But considering the number of fancy dates around, how can we be sure that one would remember this date. Especially when such dates are unique only when the years are added to it.

If selecting such dates were to ensure the gift from the spouse every year, then I feel a more appropriate date would be something that has a special meaning globally...like Feb 14th....in such cases at least the TV commercials would ensure that the spouse remembers the date. But then, you get to loose the valentine day's gift.

So if you wanted to have the best of both, maybe some other day that you are sure won't entice a gift from your spouse normally should be selected. How about the National holidays? But National Day doesn't sound romantic right?

So, what is the most appropriate date?

18 May 2005

Money Value

A Lady, her son and daughter had completed the shopping and had to return to the spot where their Tourist Coach would pick them up. They had got quite a few things from the supermarket and were using the supermarket's trolley when strolling along the malls. It was almost time to return and they came to a point where they had to get down one floor by using the escalator. Now the problem arose. They couldn't take the trolley on the escalator and if they leave the trolley and just take their goods, they stand to loose the One Dollar that they had to insert to take the trolley. The lady decided to leave the trolley without any hesitation. But the boy was pretty concerned. He didn't want to lose the money and he kept arguing with his mother. Finally these were his words to his mother:

"Mummy do you know the value of money? You are leaving behind ONE DOLLAR (SGD) which is more or less Rs. 25/-. I fully agree with daddy when he says you are a spend thrift!!"

I was amused to hear this, as it came from the mouth a kid not more than 10 years old!!!

13 May 2005

Bio 100% ... Maths no, no

When we were in school, a 100% in maths was fine. But if someone got a 100 in anyother subject, it meant something fishy was happening. The teachers used to reduce atleast 1/2 marks for each answer that required a detailed one. Marks were awarded in full only for the one word and definition type of answers. Then, a few centums started to sprout in the non-maths subjects in the Public exam results. This increased considerably, but the number of centums was always higher in Maths when compared to the other subjects. Today, I got to see the Entrance Exam results in Tamil Nadu for professional colleges and was astonished to see that there were no centums in Maths while there were a few thousands in the Biology group. You can check the details here.

What happened to Maths? Was it very tough this year? Why couldn't even a single person get a centum?

11 May 2005

Special Day - Today

What is special about today? If you had seen the commercials on Sun TV, you would promptly say its the "akshaya thiriyai". Don't know where this day was hiding a few years back. I, for one never knew about this until I saw the commercials.

Well, I learnt something else today. Its the "Roast Pig Day" for the Chinese!!! As per their belief, a person should have roasted pig on this day to ward of evil. Oh My! Don't know who came up with this. Strongly believe its got to be some pig farmer.

10 May 2005

Little Things

Morning Rush
Juggling Work
Screwed schedules
Boring Meetings
A cute smile
followed by the sound

Makes everything else endurable!!!
A peck on the cheek
A wide smile

Makes my day!!!

06 May 2005

Nice to be back

This past week has been pretty hectic, both at office and home.

My colleague is on leave and I've had to take on the job of two. I don't understand why everything has to go wrong only when we are short of staff....and everyone wants their problem to be addressed first with topmost priority :(

To top this we have a few guests at home and I've been trying to juggle between office work, cooking, cleaning and taking our guests out. Most of the time, I ask them to come to a particular place and then join them directly after office. But on the whole it has been fun. I'm sure I would be going down by two kgs atleast and that's sure a bonus :)

Last weekend I had been to see the musical fountains at Sentosa and was surprised to see the large number of Indian Tourists there. I think STB's (Singapore Tourism Board) advertising tactics are paying off.