31 May 2005

Tamil Rocks

When I saw Nayagan as one of the best 100 All Time Movies on Time magazine, I was overjoyed. To couple it, Roja has found a place among the best sound tracks in the world and that too in the top 10!!. A big Applause for Mani Rathnam and A.R. Rahman.

Although there might be arguments that there are better films and sound tracks, I am glad that these two have been selected. It does give Tamil films a much needed recognition.

Mani Ratnam's reaction to Nayagan's selection is almost a damper.

------ Mani Ratnam, who's the only living Indian filmmaker to feature in the list, is sceptical about the honour: "I've long forgotten 'Nayakan' and moved on.
"There're so many films and filmmakers who deserve to be counted among the best. This is just the arbitrary decision of a couple of people, nothing more. I'm certainly not dancing on rooftops with pride and joy."

Why did he have to answer like this? How can he dismiss Nayagan? Shouldn't one be proud of their works?


saranyan said...

yes it does. these are some of the very rare well made movies in Indian film history.

Ram.C said...

hi PVS

see Venki's comments on your query....

JaganLee said...

Nayagan is a movie which defies time. It can be watched even after 20yrs, unlike other movies.
Hats off to Mani

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I agree with you and the people who nominated these films / songs.

I watched Nayakan several times in theatres in India and the same with Roja.

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