06 May 2005

Nice to be back

This past week has been pretty hectic, both at office and home.

My colleague is on leave and I've had to take on the job of two. I don't understand why everything has to go wrong only when we are short of staff....and everyone wants their problem to be addressed first with topmost priority :(

To top this we have a few guests at home and I've been trying to juggle between office work, cooking, cleaning and taking our guests out. Most of the time, I ask them to come to a particular place and then join them directly after office. But on the whole it has been fun. I'm sure I would be going down by two kgs atleast and that's sure a bonus :)

Last weekend I had been to see the musical fountains at Sentosa and was surprised to see the large number of Indian Tourists there. I think STB's (Singapore Tourism Board) advertising tactics are paying off.


Kaps said...

I had also been to Sentosa last week. Somehow feel that it has lost its sheen.....I could see "Under Construction" board in many places. The monorail was also closed as they are coming up with a LRT there.

PVS said...

yep, the mono rail is a big miss..My nephew had come specifically wanting to ride the monorail and he was pretty disappointed. Then to console him, we told him that we would take him on top of the open bus. We missed two buses and were waiting for the open bus and when it came, they said that the trip was cancelled!!! Pretty disappointed.

Chakra Sampath said...

> I don't understand why everything has to go wrong only when we are short of staff....

- thats murphy's law for you!

JaganLee said...

Oh chakra,
I was about to quote Murphy's law.. Mundhitinga :)

Ram.C said...

Sentosa has lost its charm completely...that's what I hear from the tourists. since India has got many theme park attractions, the tourists may not like the current sentosa that much.

couple of years back, yes..it would hv. but at that time, granting visas was limited.

STB has to do much more.. to keep these momentum of tourist arrivals. Once disneyland starts operating in HKG from this Sep-05, the crowd may start going there.