26 March 2014

Story Time - Family

The Little Girl and Boy have been keeping me busy. They had a story telling competition last week. The topics given to them were family and graciousness. I couldn't find a suitable story on the net. So we made our own story and this is what they presented:

The Baby Elephant:
There was once a baby elephant named Jumbo who lived in a big forest. He lived with his father, mother, uncles, aunties, cousins and grandparents. They were everywhere as a big herd. Jumbo was tired of going everywhere with his family. He wanted to go on an adventure alone. So one day, he set out on his adventure.

By and by, he came across a little bird tweeting on its nest "Tweet, Tweet". Hey Jumbo, where are you going?"
"I'm going on an adventure. Do you want to come?" asked Jumbo.
"I would like to come. But then, I would miss my brothers and sisters. We will be learning to fly soon. Then we will go on a big adventure. It is called migration. So, maybe some other time. " said the bird.
"Ok then, bye." said Jumbo and walked on.

He then saw a busy bee buzzing from flower to flower. "Hi Bee, I am going on an adventure. Do you want to come?" asked Jumbo.
"Hi Jumbo. I am busy. I live with a big family in a big hive. My family members would be waiting for the nectar I take home. So I need to go now. Bye!" and the bee buzzed away.

Jumbo continued on his journey. He then saw Leo the lion cub running. He tried to run and catch him, but he couldn't run as his was too fat. So he called loudly, "Leo, Leo, wait for me. I am going on an adventure. Do you want to come? "
Leo turned around and saw Jumbo. He said, "Hi Jumbo. So, you are going on an adventure? That's nice. But I can't come. I will miss my mummy and daddy. Only when we are together, we are known as a Pride. We are the strongest when we are together. You go along and enjoy your adventure".

Jumbo walked on. It was getting dark. He felt lonely. Suddenly it started raining. Lightning struck. Jumbo was frightened. He sat next to a tree and started crying. Suddenly he heard a loud voice, "Jumbo, Jumbo, where are you?" It was his father. He went in the direction of the voice. He saw his father. All his family members were standing behind his father. His mother, uncles, aunties, grandparents and cousins hugged Jumbo. Jumbo was happy. His family was happy. He realised that his family was the best and he should never leave them and go.
                                                               ***** THE END *****