26 June 2008

How to get your own way...

I'm at office and I get a call from the little girl.

"Mummy, I have returned from school. There was a birthday party today and I've got a goody bag. It has lots of small toys. There is a 'chomp' and a puzzle too. I'm planning to take it to the playground with me. May I? "

Before I could answer,

" I'm going to take it to the playground".

So I ask her, " Have you decided to take it pappa?"

"Yes mummy"

"Then why are you asking me?"

"Because you might get angry if I take these to the playground"

"What would you do if I tell you no?"

"Oh no, don't tell no. I will keep the phone. I have told you right? I'm a good girl. "

And she keeps the phone.

23 June 2008


Saw Dasavatharam during the weekend. We enjoyed it. I'm surprised at the level of criticism this film has been getting in the blog world. It certainly doesn't come under the category of "Don't watch". You can watch it once in the theatre. (Anyways, I have never watched any movie more than once in the theatre!!!)

13 June 2008

Updates on the trip - The wedding

After the dramatic entrance made by us, we settled in quickly. The following two days was a mad rush with us getting things ready for my brother's wedding. There were the last minute purchases, checking things out and over all the fantastic chaos we normally associate with such functions :) The big sis looked like a doll. She likes to doll up and we do like to cater to it. The gagra choli and pattupavadai competed with the halter tops, frocks and mini skirts. She could carry off all these in perfect style. The little one didn't want to be left out and did his part by looking cute in a shervani, a panjakajam and even in a simple white t-shirt and shorts. There was no time after this wedding to sit and relax and savour the after math as we had another wedding in the following week. It was that of my cousin's. So off we went to my aunts house, baggage and all to continue the celebrations there.

Immediately after that wedding, we had to rush off to my hubby's native as there was a 'kumbabeshegam' in one of the temples there. My FIL was the main person in the committee doing the renovations, so all of us were quite busy. A festival in a village is almost like another wedding. All close relatives and buddies were invited and there was a three day feast at home. The following day we had the little ones head tonsured. He cried a bit but was generally OK most of the time. He looked good with a tonsured head, but his features had changed completely. Now, he resembled his sister more than his father.

to continue ...

11 June 2008

Remember - 2

Mr. Tape Worm, do remember that the treatment meted out to you now, is the result of the unwanted pain, misery, stress, shock and loss of money you gave us.

06 June 2008

I remember - 1

Mom, I remember the way you used to remove the curry leaves and chili before packing our lunch boxes.

04 June 2008

Updates on the trip

Hectic is a mild word to describe the past few weeks.

It started right on the day we were leaving. The flight was delayed by 3 hours and we were supposed to go directly to my uncle's house for lunch. A feast was planned for my brother and cousin who were the two grooms getting married in the next few days. This was part of the tradition and all my uncles and aunts and cousins from my mom's family would be present. I was looking forward to being a part of the celebration. So, with the airline's blessings we reached the uncle's house at 4:30pm for lunch!!! Not bad considering the fact that they hadn't yet started the coffee shop :)

Big sis had slept in the car when coming from the airport. So we just carried her into the bedroom and she continued her blissful existence. The little bro is the one who caught us unawares. He is normally mild tempered and smiling. Have never heard him cry as much as he did when encountered by the gang at the entrance of the house. He just bawled his heart out and wouldn't be pacified at all. The sudden crowd and sound had him frightened. Even a cycle bell was enough to open the water tap in his eyes. But all this was only for the first day. From the next, he was back to his normal self. Going happily to everyone and smiling at all and sundry. In fact he went so freely that everyone started commenting that he cries only when he sees me and thats because he is frightened that I would take him back to Singapore. :)

Rest will continue in the following days...