26 June 2008

How to get your own way...

I'm at office and I get a call from the little girl.

"Mummy, I have returned from school. There was a birthday party today and I've got a goody bag. It has lots of small toys. There is a 'chomp' and a puzzle too. I'm planning to take it to the playground with me. May I? "

Before I could answer,

" I'm going to take it to the playground".

So I ask her, " Have you decided to take it pappa?"

"Yes mummy"

"Then why are you asking me?"

"Because you might get angry if I take these to the playground"

"What would you do if I tell you no?"

"Oh no, don't tell no. I will keep the phone. I have told you right? I'm a good girl. "

And she keeps the phone.


Me said...

..kids these days are smart...

..i used to hear such statements from perusus...gawd i am getting old.. :'(

PVS said...