04 June 2008

Updates on the trip

Hectic is a mild word to describe the past few weeks.

It started right on the day we were leaving. The flight was delayed by 3 hours and we were supposed to go directly to my uncle's house for lunch. A feast was planned for my brother and cousin who were the two grooms getting married in the next few days. This was part of the tradition and all my uncles and aunts and cousins from my mom's family would be present. I was looking forward to being a part of the celebration. So, with the airline's blessings we reached the uncle's house at 4:30pm for lunch!!! Not bad considering the fact that they hadn't yet started the coffee shop :)

Big sis had slept in the car when coming from the airport. So we just carried her into the bedroom and she continued her blissful existence. The little bro is the one who caught us unawares. He is normally mild tempered and smiling. Have never heard him cry as much as he did when encountered by the gang at the entrance of the house. He just bawled his heart out and wouldn't be pacified at all. The sudden crowd and sound had him frightened. Even a cycle bell was enough to open the water tap in his eyes. But all this was only for the first day. From the next, he was back to his normal self. Going happily to everyone and smiling at all and sundry. In fact he went so freely that everyone started commenting that he cries only when he sees me and thats because he is frightened that I would take him back to Singapore. :)

Rest will continue in the following days...


Me said...

idha enna mega serial maari interstingaaana edathula break...anyways welcome back..:)

PVS said...

appa thaanae thirupi vanthu padipeenga?