27 February 2008

The Little Dancer

The little one is following in the footsteps of his sister. He is barely able to sit without support and wants to dance now itself. When he hears his favourite song "Sanjadama Sanjadu" (Tamil song) he starts shaking his body to and fro. He also enjoyes watching his sister dance. He would laugh in glee the moment she starts singing in a loud voice (almost shouting) and dancing.

19 February 2008

Valentine's Day

Feb 14th dawned as another normal day. Hubby and I woke up as usual and went about our daily routine. Nothing was special. It was time to go to office and we were having our breakfast in a hurry. Hubby as usual was watching the morning news and having his breakfast, while I was sitting at the dinning table. Suddenly I got a big hug and a kiss with a "Happy Valentine's Day"...It was the little girl. I was literally shocked and surprised. I didn't expect her to know about Valentine's Day and and wish me too. She then wished her daddy in the same fashion.

Evening when I returned from office, I could tell that the little girl was pretty excited about something. The moment I entered the house, she started jumping around and asked me to close my eyes. She then asked me to sit on the sofa. This was followed by giggles and wispers. She then asked me to open my eyes and with a flourish gave me a hand made card. It was a big white card with a red heart in the middle. The heart was made by handprint. She then sang a Valentine's song.

The Song:

This Valentine says
I love you, I love you
I Love you

This valentine says
I love you
Yes I really do!

(This is sung to the tune of Mary had a little lamb). All this she had done in her school and her Teacher had taught her the song.

Although both hubby and me forgot that it was Valentine's day, this was by far the best Valentine day we had!!!

12 February 2008

Back again

We are back from the long break. This was a long leave and we got to spend 3 months in India. But this didnt make it any relaxing. In fact this holiday was more hectic. We had three engagements, one house warming function and two baby showers. In all, we were kept pretty busy all three months.

Now for updates about the kids.
Big Sis has started her K1 (LKG) classes. She is able to cope inspite of losing a month of classes. She has learnt a lot of new words in Tamil. She has learnt not to ask "Yenga poreenga" (Where are you going?) when someone leaves the house. Instead she asks "Yenga iruthu varuveenga?" (Where will you be coming from?). Have enrolled her in the 'I Can Read' programme and 'Carnatic Vocal' classes.

The Little one has rolled over and is moving in circles. He loves shouting at the top of his voice for no reason at all. He is overall a happy baby who seldon cries (Anti-jinx, Anti-jinx). He has a funny way of sleeping. Always sleeps on his sides with his head thrown back. Almost like the mirror image of 'S'. Even if we move him, he is back to his position within a few minutes. I'm still unable to tell who he resembles. Everyone has their own opinion, but each one is different.

Big Sis loves the little one to nuts. She has already planned how she would play with him as he grows up. Each stage has a different game/toy. She likes to show off her brother. When we have visitors, she rattles off his achievements...some of which are fictious :). The little one too knows his sister from others. He lights up the moment he hears her voice.

Today, DH and me forgot it was valentine's day and were going about doing the regular jobs. When we were having our breakfast Big Sis comes along and gives a big hug and a kiss shouting "Happy Valentine's Day". Now, where on earth did she learn that? It was then, we realised it was Valentine's day and with a sheepish grin wished each other. So that's how Romantic we have become :))