16 October 2008

Nothing is right

Beginning of the year, Citigroup and UBS were wrong because of the intergrated - BIG Bank model.
Mid year, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sach and ML are wrong because they are mere Investment Banks and should merge/provide other services too...
End of the year, what?

03 October 2008

Video and the party

We were watching my son's first birthday party video. All was fine until we came to the part where the decorations were shown. The video had a long shot of the decorations and then zoomed in to the "Happy Birthday" wordings. After zooming in and out on those wordings and doing a slow motion run on each letter, it went down to show the birthday boy's name. This was a letter by letter zoom from the last letter of my son's name and it stopped mid way. The last part of my son's name is the name of my hubby's cousin who was handling the video. So he had stopped to highlight it and unfortunately forgot to continue. :(

So now, we have a video which shows "Happy Birthday Cousin".

Then the video moved on to show the guests and the next highlight was when the cake was displayed. Again, we have a slow motion run on the "Happy 1st Birthday" on the cake and a quick display of the full name followed by a slow motion, zoom in and zoom out of the "cousin's name".

What do I do now? Name the video as "Cousin's birthday party?"