28 March 2011

Kids Talk

On the day of the Parents-Teachers meet, the little girl says, "Amma, dont go and tell the teacher all that I tell you. She might think I dont have any work other than to tell you about school".

The little boy to his mama,
LB: J Uncle gave me this car. Do you know J Uncle?
Mama: No
LB: He is Danny's father. Do you know Danny?
Mama: No
LB: Ok, Danny is a small boy. He is my friend. Now do you know Danny?

During lunch:
LB: Dont talk. Nobody should speak while eating...
LG: Except me.
LB: Especially you akka.
(This was a pleasant surprise for us. We didn't expect the boy to know the difference between except and especially).

On other updates, the little girl has been participating in a few competitions and winning prizes. She has now gained in confidence that she volunteers for any competition in her school. As a side effect, the little boy is also learning to speak in literary tamil (thooya tamil. He can speak the whole kannagi dialog).