28 August 2009

Film songs and school concerts

I have always been against film songs being used in school annual day concerts. The first time I saw a film song in a school concert, I was pretty shocked. Having been to a convent school, which drilled the notion that films were bad (but they did take us to some of the best films I've seen in my life) I kept asking my aunt how her daughter's school had a filmy song for the annual day concert. Over the years I concluded that that school was a small one (was a kindergarten) and so didn't have the resources to get good songs from other sources. And this has been the thought I've been carrying for so long. And this is the one that took a mighty beating yesterday. My daughter told me that her class was going to dance for 'Jai ho' during the annual day concert! Maybe I should just be happy that at least its a meaningful song, appropriate for the occasion where they graduate out of kindergarten. Going away to lick my wounded pride.

17 August 2009

Words of wisdom

Bits of wisdom:

16th Aug:

The Little Girl has been asking for a bicycle for a long time and we told her that we would get it for her birthday. Last weekend we found a good deal and got her the bicycle. We presented it to her, with much expectation and this is what she says,
"Mummy I was expecting a new bicycle as MY BIRTHDAY GIFT and am a bit disappointed that you didn't keep your promise and got it earlier."

15th Aug: Independence day.

We were returning from her music class when we had this conversation:
"Mummy we should go to India sometime".
"Yes kuttima, we'll go during your school holidays".
"No, no, not like that. "I want to go and stay there forever...like cousin R".
"Hmm, why? Don't you like Singapore?"
"I do like Singapore. It's where I was born. This is a good country, But India is also my country Ma. That is where all our relatives are. We are Indians. So we should return to India wherever we are!"

Aug 9th: Singapore National day.
We were passing the National Day parade location on the way to the beach.
"Look kuttima, that is where the National Day Parade happens""Oh, that's good. Are we going to see it?"
"No ma, we don't have the tickets"
"Why didn't you get the tickets?"
"They do a balloting for the tickets and so I didn't apply for it." (I didn't even think about it before she asked to be truthful)
At the beach, we get to see the lead helicopter with its contingent flying over the beach carrying the Singapore Flag. Everyone is pretty excited and wave towards it.
"Mummy, look, its the Singapore Flag. How nice! Thanks mummy for bringing me here. I got to see at least this. I'm so happy!"

07 August 2009

Small Talk

I was going through my old posts looking for something when I came across this. The Little Boy is almost about the same age and so I thought I'll pen down his words.

thannae (for Kannae Kalaimanae song)