28 August 2009

Film songs and school concerts

I have always been against film songs being used in school annual day concerts. The first time I saw a film song in a school concert, I was pretty shocked. Having been to a convent school, which drilled the notion that films were bad (but they did take us to some of the best films I've seen in my life) I kept asking my aunt how her daughter's school had a filmy song for the annual day concert. Over the years I concluded that that school was a small one (was a kindergarten) and so didn't have the resources to get good songs from other sources. And this has been the thought I've been carrying for so long. And this is the one that took a mighty beating yesterday. My daughter told me that her class was going to dance for 'Jai ho' during the annual day concert! Maybe I should just be happy that at least its a meaningful song, appropriate for the occasion where they graduate out of kindergarten. Going away to lick my wounded pride.


choxbox said...

HI. first time here. hopped over from MiM :)

totally with you in this post btw.

Me said...

hmmm....reminds me of a girl(whose name I don't remember) who used to learn Carnatic music with me used be very scared that the paatu master will find out she is singing film songs in DD. It was considered very bad to sing film songs instead of carnatic songs!

PVS said...

welcome Chox.

@me: remember quite a few incidents like this...filmy songs were a clear nono :)