23 February 2010

A special flower arrangement

Can you guess what is special about this flower arrangement?

Look closely and you might find a vegetable...

Yes, they have used drumsticks for the arrangement and this was not at some exhibition or special arrangement competition. It was at the reception area of our office complex.

20 February 2010

A valentine pop up card

Shruti's Artsy-Craftsy Challenge had us excited. We prepared a few finger painting stuff for the January contest, but the lazy mom didn't put up the post on time. And so we started preparing for the February contest. With the Valentine's day round the corner and the girl raving to do a card for her daddy, we decided to prepare a pop-up card. And, this is what we did. Now for the steps to do it. Take a A4 size paper and cut it into two. Then, fold it across the middle. Next, fold the paper across. And cut it to form the petals. When you open, you would have a flower, color the middle portion. Then cut off one of the petals. Stick the two end petals to get a cone shaped flower. Prepare 7 flowers. Fold the flowers. Take one and stick two flowers to the corner petals. Then stick one flower on the top of the first one such that its corner petal is stuck to the 2nd and 3rd flower. Then stick two flowers to the corner petals of the 4th flower. Finally stick the last flower on top of the 4th flower and you would get this.

Prepare your card.

Take the flowers and stick the top two flowers to the two sides of the card and close it.

When you open, you have a bunch of flowers popping up. Happy card making!!!

PS: Somehow I'm not able to upload the rest of the photos. Will try tomorrow.