31 August 2007

Teacher's Day gift

Ever since my daughter turned two, we have been preparing our own greeting cards. Birthdays, Anniversaries and special occasions, are all remembered with the handmade cards. Earlier, my daughter used to paint the cards and I would write the contents. Now she is able to draw, paint and write by herself. So, in a sense it is completely prepared by her.

We had a couple of occasions in the family this month and she prepared the cards for it. She was particularly very happy with the painting she did for her cousin's birthday card. She didn't want to send it to him. Instead she wanted to take it to her school to give it to her teacher. As it was already close to the birthday and we had to send the card, I promised her, that we could do something really nice for her teacher.

Sept 1st being the Teacher's Day, we went through the available craft items to see what can be done. After a big discussion (the little one wanted to do everything for her teacher), we zeroed on the stationary holder made of used tissue rolls.

She painted a red one for her class teacher and a green one for the assistant teacher. The red one was decorated with glitter color glues and flowers with a smiley face and petals made of glitters. For the base, we used a black card board and she wrote her message using a golden ink pen.

The green one was decorated with sequins and silver glitter with hello kitty stickers stuck all around it. Again a black base with her message was used.

She was trilled to bits with the final product. This morning she woke up bright and early and wanted to go to school immediately. She was so excited that she couldn't eat or dress.

Hope her teacher enjoyed the gift.

24 August 2007

Blog hopping

I have come across quite a few interesting blogs. Although I don't comment on many of them, I would like to list them here.

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Almost all of them update their blogs on a daily basis. Something that I lack a lot. Need to take a leaf out of their books and start blogging regularly.

08 August 2007


Sometime back we had invited a friend and her family over for lunch. I had prepared all the stuff at home and even added some child friendly food. We have a domestic help and she helped with the basic stuff, like cutting vegetables and grinding ginger and garlic etc.

The friends came and had the lunch and when leaving, the friend's husband called our domestic help and congratulated her on a well prepared meal. And he went on to appreciate her on her efforts to prepare special food for the children. He didn't even have the courtesy of informing the host - me!! I was literally fuming. Whose house was he visiting and who was his host? How can he assume that I would have not prepared anything? Even if I was such a lazy bum and got my helper to do everything, isn't it the basic etiquette to say all these to the host?

Some people just don't think before they speak.