24 August 2007

Blog hopping

I have come across quite a few interesting blogs. Although I don't comment on many of them, I would like to list them here.

Daily News blogs:

Mommy blogs
The Mad Momma
Winkie's ways
Itching to write
Boos Baby talk
Under the banyan tree

Other interesting Blogs
Malaysian in Canada - I miss her Ammachi stories
Thulasi Thalam - Building a house and now a bond
Anuratha - all about cancer

Almost all of them update their blogs on a daily basis. Something that I lack a lot. Need to take a leaf out of their books and start blogging regularly.


Poppins said...

Thank you for the mention !!

Tharini said...

Me too me too...thanks for the mention. :) Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

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the mad momma said...

Hey! Glad to be mentioned. Thanks for the mention... you've been off the blogosphere a long time, I see...