08 August 2007


Sometime back we had invited a friend and her family over for lunch. I had prepared all the stuff at home and even added some child friendly food. We have a domestic help and she helped with the basic stuff, like cutting vegetables and grinding ginger and garlic etc.

The friends came and had the lunch and when leaving, the friend's husband called our domestic help and congratulated her on a well prepared meal. And he went on to appreciate her on her efforts to prepare special food for the children. He didn't even have the courtesy of informing the host - me!! I was literally fuming. Whose house was he visiting and who was his host? How can he assume that I would have not prepared anything? Even if I was such a lazy bum and got my helper to do everything, isn't it the basic etiquette to say all these to the host?

Some people just don't think before they speak.


Chakra said...

Did he know who the host was?

Just kidding... ;-)

Itchingtowrite said...

hi PVS
thanks for your link
this is lovely. fell in love with it. so simple and creative

btw, the guest shud have congratulated you first and then may be to encourage her so that she takes care of them in the next visit and so that she doen'tr crib that u call guests (u know how maids are) may be that's why he thanked her!! like we give tips to the maid/ cook when we visit any relative's house.

PVS said...

I still have that doubt Chakra :)

Yep, that's my point too. He should have atleast told me the food was good, before congratulating the maid.

EMC3 said...

You shouldn't even have got such thoughts in your mind. After all you invited a friend and it would have been nice if you genuinely did not expect any compliment from the guest. By feeling angry and ranting about it, you just lowered the degree of hospitality that you could have really rendered to.

Anonymous said...
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Geetha said...

I think you should take it in the right spirit. The fact that the guests enjoyed your meal is what you should be happy about. The maid did help you around which is also important and has been critical in you churning out that delicious spread. You should realise that your guest has been sensitive and praised the efforts of your maid. There is nothing wrong at all. These things will go a long way in self motivation for your maid and she will do wonders for the future parties that you organise. Stop being childish and see from your guest's point of view. Aunty Geetha

the mad momma said...
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