26 July 2007


We had been to the temple yesterday. I had rained earlier and was wet everywhere. When I was climbing the few steps to our apartment, my daughter took hold of my hand and told, " Careful mummy..it has rained and would be slippery. If you fall, you will hurt baby also ". So small and yet to so caring!!! She is already thinking about the baby's well being :) I'm sure she would be a super sister. (hope I've not jinxed it).

When she was tired of holding my hand and walking slowly, she called her daddy and gave my hand to him and told him to take care of me before running ahead.

19 July 2007

The other side is greener

When we had our first child, we didn't want to know the Sex of the baby beforehand as we wanted it to be a surprise. But as the days were nearing the delivery, I very much wanted to know the baby's sex.

So for the second one, there was no doubt. We wanted to know the sex and got to know it too. But once we knew it, we were not that happy. Felt we should have waited for the baby to be born, to experience the thril. The guessing games before the baby is born. The excitement to know what baby, when it is born, all that is lost when we know the sex before hand.

The other side is always greener :))

13 July 2007

A message for TN Chief Minister

Since you are a master in Tamil, I don't think I have to remind you about the kural,

எணித் துணிக கருமம் துணிந்தபின்
எண்ணுவம் எண்பது இழுக்கு

enni thuniga karumam, thuninthapin
yennuvam yenbathu ezhukku.

It would be great if you remember this before initiating schemes and plans. The latest one being the Society Elections. After two rounds had been completed and the third one to be done in the next few days, you have cancelled the whole elections. What happens to the time and money spent by numerous people around TN? Is this any scheme of yours to bring out the black money like "Shivaji - the BOSS" ?

Anyhow, the actions of yours in the past few days don't look like that of a matured politicians.

11 July 2007

I'm a boy!!

Daddy and daughter had gone to a class the other day and when the little one wanted to pee, he took her to the men's. The next time, when I took her to the class and then to the ladies, she said "Mummy, last time daddy forgot that I was a girl and took me to the mens!!!"

05 July 2007

Dear Pappu

You were such a cute little darling yesterday. When I returned from office tired, you took the bag from me and kept it in its place. Then, you made me sit and massaged my legs. Where did you learn this from. You bought tears to my eyes.

Thanks a lot darling.

- The teary mom.

02 July 2007

The little one wakes up at 3:30am and comes to the parents bed with the sole purpose of waking mummy and daddy up. She manages to get a mumble from her dad and a irritated "sleep now, its still dark outside" and a vigorous patting from her mom. Not satisfied she starts asking questions. When there is no reply, she starts crying. Immediately both parents are up and check what's wrong. Seeing that it was just a bit of "attention catching technique", they reprimand her and the mother continues the patting. It's almost an hour now and the little one has no plans of sleeping. The mother tries cajoling, bribing, scolding, all to no use. Finally at 5:30am the mother gets up and goes to the washroom. The little one asks her mother if she is going to office and gets a curt "yes" as a reply. Knowing the tone, the little one sleeps without another sound.

At 9:30 she wakes from her beauty sleep and calls mummy at office and says,
"Mummy, as I knew you and daddy had to go to office, I patted myself to sleep like a good girl!!"