02 July 2007

The little one wakes up at 3:30am and comes to the parents bed with the sole purpose of waking mummy and daddy up. She manages to get a mumble from her dad and a irritated "sleep now, its still dark outside" and a vigorous patting from her mom. Not satisfied she starts asking questions. When there is no reply, she starts crying. Immediately both parents are up and check what's wrong. Seeing that it was just a bit of "attention catching technique", they reprimand her and the mother continues the patting. It's almost an hour now and the little one has no plans of sleeping. The mother tries cajoling, bribing, scolding, all to no use. Finally at 5:30am the mother gets up and goes to the washroom. The little one asks her mother if she is going to office and gets a curt "yes" as a reply. Knowing the tone, the little one sleeps without another sound.

At 9:30 she wakes from her beauty sleep and calls mummy at office and says,
"Mummy, as I knew you and daddy had to go to office, I patted myself to sleep like a good girl!!"


Me said...


..btw why did she wake up at 3:30...is it because she went to bed early?

PVS said...

nope, she had slept at the usual time only...not sure why she woke up. Maybe to torment us :))

Itchingtowrite said...

so cute... my kid ojas sleeps by himself nowadays.. i am waiting for tejas to do the same...thanks for dropping by