07 November 2010

BCM Exercise

We all have our annual BCM exercise where the primary location would be shut down and we have to make sure all our applications work from the BCM site. But have you heard BCM exercise conducted by the school? The little girl had one a couple of months back.

The girls were given a notice with all the details on how to work in case of an emergency and the school had to shutdown. All of them were given a login id and site and asked to make sure it was accessible. On the BCM day, they had to study from home. The lessons were on the site, with powerpoint slides and worksheets. They had to go through them and do the worksheets and submit them. The teachers would then mark them. Looking at this, we were thinking of our school days when we would eagerly wait for some emergency to occur so that schools are closed. Especially when there are exams or tests. I remember how we cribbed when MGR passed away during the school holidays. We felt he had robbed us of a holiday!!