13 May 2005

Bio 100% ... Maths no, no

When we were in school, a 100% in maths was fine. But if someone got a 100 in anyother subject, it meant something fishy was happening. The teachers used to reduce atleast 1/2 marks for each answer that required a detailed one. Marks were awarded in full only for the one word and definition type of answers. Then, a few centums started to sprout in the non-maths subjects in the Public exam results. This increased considerably, but the number of centums was always higher in Maths when compared to the other subjects. Today, I got to see the Entrance Exam results in Tamil Nadu for professional colleges and was astonished to see that there were no centums in Maths while there were a few thousands in the Biology group. You can check the details here.

What happened to Maths? Was it very tough this year? Why couldn't even a single person get a centum?


Kaps said...

I dunno abt Maths this year, but the trend of people scoring centums in other subjects is no longer a novelty. It is quite common to see people scoring centum even in languages like German, French, Sanskrit etc.

I myself was surprised when I obtained a centum in Commerce way back in the 90's. But the obsession with scoring a centum in Maths still continues.

BTW thanx 4 blogrolling me.

Chakra Sampath said...

engayavadhu centum vaangi, adhu controvesy aagi.. edhukku ellarukkum problem nu daan, naan endha subject layum centum vangave illa.. infact, i was no where closer to centum...

i never wanted to trouble ppl u see..

AF said...

Yes this year the TN entrance was very tough it seems.

Ram.C said...

I knew some of my classmates who took Sanskrit & French..who scored the maximum & few centums. (though, I took tamil, since I didn't want to take risk of learning something new...)

The highest mark in Tamil was no where closer to the top scores in those subjects.

I believe, the setting of Q.Papers change year to year.. Still it was surprising to read the current year's result.

BTW..Thx for blogrolling me, PVS....

PVS said...

Kaps & Ram.C have been visiting your sites regularly... was just a bit lazy/busy to blogroll you.

Chakra, u r always considerate :))

Af, too bad for those who had high hopes

saranyan said...

this yr the maths paper was apparently very tough. its good to see a nice distribution in the score. that helps in singling out the real best :)
this trend of tough maths entrance exams started in 1996, unfortunately the yr I gave mine :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

This is one thing I can't believe its happening. I mean getting 100% in the other subjects.

It never happened my days ( 1977 SSLC, 1978 PUC).

Maybe this year the evaluators were requested not to give 100 to anyone.! And why Math and create a controversy. If it were other subject noone would have bothered.!

Twin-Gemini said...

Enna inga vore padips gumbala irrukku?! :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

Twin Gemini -

> Enna inga vore padips gumbala irrukku?!

- ennoda comments paathutuma apdi solra? :)

PVS said...


I too feel giving a tough paper will give a better distribution of the score.

At the same time I feel its absurd to give 100% in a theory paper.

Ganesh Venkittu said...

Hello, very good question.

As a guy who got 200/200 in Plus 2 maths examination in 1988, I can say one thing. The mathematics that the students study these days is far ahead than what I studied. For example, gone are the days when we used to do vector algebra, matrices, groups, rings, fields, mensuration (yes, that is a proper word not in parlance in many western countries), application, angle of elevation, angle of depression etc.

Today, the mathematics that these people study is bifurcated into two streams - commerce stream students do business mathematics and science students explore math centered around science.

I dont know what contributed to not a single one getting centum, so your question still stands. But I am sure the complexity factor around engineering math may have been such that there was a question that "Stumped" everybody in that entrance examination.

-- Ganesh Venkittu