18 January 2012

Artsy Crafty Jan 2012

This month's Artsy Crafty is "Paint your own Van Gogh". I was pretty excited to see this as my daughter had painted a few Van Gogh's when she was a 5 year old in her kindergarten.
This post and this one are about her Van Gogh painting experience.

This is her first 'Van Gogh' that adorned our living room.

PS: Going through the old posts made me realise how much of the kids life I have missed by not updating this blog. Will have to be more regular from now on.


MindfulMeanderer said...

awesome! :) I'm so happy to see an entry from you after so long.. Hugss. If artsy craftsy could wake you out of slumber I think it served its purpose :) and those pics are amazing.. do take a front view pic of the van gogh pls.

PVS said...

yep, it's been your posts and my daughter asking me every month what the competition was in Artsy Crafty that has made me write posts. Thanks for the wonderful work you do and the inspiration you provide all of us.

I dont have a front view of the Van Gogh picture. Was taken a few years back and the picture is not in a good condition now.