23 February 2005


Do you want to have a nice laugh before you start your work? Try this. Oh Gawd...its really funny. Especially the one about being the air-conditioner of Hema Malini. And the other one about having captured Delhi. hahaha.

On a somber note, are these the best leaders we can provide?


Chakra Sampath said...

Airconditioner was ultimate.

Thats Bihar's fate.. at one time I was so angry with the Biharis that if they are stupid enuf to vote for Lalu, they deserve what they get..

But then, whether or not the people like him, he manages to win using muscle power.. unless Lalu is eliminated (not just out of power.. u know what i mean), there is no respite for Bihar.. a sort of emergency like situation must be declared on Bihar and that should be in place until things fall in place.. NDA govt tried to do (ofcourse with selfish interests) that in 1997-98, but Congress scuttled that plan by defeating the motion in RS.

Just think abt the common ppl there.. its their home.. they wd b ready to work hard... but even without the basic facilities, where wd they go and what wd they do. Heart goes out for them.

PVS said...

yes Chakra, Bihar does need a really good leader. Compared to their state, TN is far far better!!!