11 February 2005

3 films

Had seen three films during the week and had been wanting to write about those. The films and the rating:

1. Kaadal -- *****
2. Viswa Thulasi -- ***
3. Bose -- ***

Kaadal was a good film. Although the story is an old one, the screenplay and dialogues were good, which made the movie an enjoyable one. The success of the film is that when you watch it, you get the feeling that its a story of the next door girl and mechanic boy. Someone whom you knew personally. All the cast in the film have done a good job.

Viswa Thulasi -- you might wonder why I saw this film. No other reason other than getting an OC CD :)) When you watch it, you get the feeling of watching a typical Mammuti movie that was dubbed from Malayalam. Its ok. Too many song snippets thou.

Bose -- Had no other films and this was the best in the available CDs. So watched this. Its also ok. Consider it as a commercial movie with all the masala elements in it and it would be bearable. This movie is far better than some of the recent ones I saw which were more oriented towards hero building. Sneha is as beautiful as ever and Srikanth has put on weight.

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