22 February 2005

Survival of the fittest

Children do learn the surviving tactics very early these days. My daughter keeps surprising me with her antics almost every other day. Take for example the other day when we had gone out to a friend's place. We were waiting near the pool and she was playing near the security officer's table. When we were planning to leave, we called her, but she refused to come. Seeing this, the security officer made sounds and threatened to catch her. So she ran to me. Her face clearly mirrored her frightened state. But once near me, she stopped right on her tracks and turned back and stared at the security guard. Once she was sure she had his attention, she started making sounds like scolding him...here was a survivor...she clearly knew when and where and how to take an opponent!!

Then, there was the other time when she knew that she wouldn't be able to get the cookie from her cousin's hand (who was bigger and stronger) and so went to her aunty and asked for the biscuit that is usually given to her. This she then gave to her cousin asking him to give the cookie in return. And when he refused, she went and complained to her aunty...no physical fighting when you are sure you cant be the winner!!!

PS: She is yet to graduate from knowing only a few words like "Amma", "Anna", "Thatha" and "Athai" and just about two and a half feet tall!!

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