11 February 2005


Blogging does bring out the different facets of a human. Just because it gives you the advantage of posting as anonymous, it doesn't mean that you can type whatever you want. Was going through the comments for Mark Jen's post. Some were really disgusting. Ok, you find a loser here who goofed up a good job by letting out a few sensitive info. So what is there to jeer about? Don't know how some people are able to find happiness in other people's downfall. Getting fired is something that would surely hurt personally and rubbing salt on the wound is not the right thing to do. Shame on those who hide behind anonymity and throw slush.


Aravinth said...

I am shocked to see you r so much upset and harsh...cool down

kichami said...

Namascar P.V.S. thanks for comparing me to Ur GrandPa though I still have a son36 tobe married.
Notwithstanding the'cool!' comments of aravinth or others I am with U.I understand Ur sensitivity.It really ia a sad episode.The very idea of blogging is not to while away time but to have a humane approach to men and matters.Best wishes.P.K.By the way mynephew is in Singapore as Regl >manager, StanChart bank.So long

PVS said...

Aravinth: there's nothing to be shocked about this. Its just that I feel that people should have some concern when they blog.

Thanks PK Sir. I visit your blog regularly.