01 February 2005

Street Directory

Street Directory is a useful tool when in Singapore. Information about the place, its adjoining locality, bus routes, the distance from a particular place and the car route are provided here. It comes quite handy when a person has to drive to a new place or check out the bus/mrt (train) routes to a place. Also this is pretty useful to know about a place, the amenities nearby and the general info.

Something that has fascinated me in Singapore is the Pin Code. A pin code in Singapore not only refers to the place, but also to a particular building!!! So essentially each building has a unique pincode. This is possible only because Singapore is a small country.

We are frequent users of the street directory and it is specifically useful now that we are looking for a new house.


Chakra Sampath said...

In UK, postcode wd go up to a particular street... and in some specific cases to a particular building or even a part of the building. ie., if you wish you can get a unique postcode for u'r bldg - thats a paid service, btw. multimap.com is the site akin to Sing's Street Directory.

Not long ago, there was a site navigateindia.com, which was giving wonderful maps for Chennai.. was very useful and they said that they wd expand it to other cities in India.. sadly, the site is not there anymore.

Anonymous said...

hmm...thats nice to note.