27 December 2004

kela mela

DBS Bank had announced that a sure win scratch card wud be given to all users when they log in to their internet banking the first time. Once a person logs in for the first time, he is given a notice to print out and take it to the DBS branch in Orchard road, 3 days after log in. The prizes range from free trips to cash prizes to think pads and mobiles, the lowest being the DBS Exclusive Premium. On looking at the list u can be assured that most of the users wud be given the DBS Exclusive Premium on scratching the card. Also u wud assume that the DBS Exclusive Premium, might be some vouchers or some special offers when banking with DBS. It is with this thought that I literally bullied my hubby to drive me to the Orchard road branch during my lunch hour today. There was heavy traffic and we took nearly 30 mins to reach the building. Leaving my hubby to find a parking lot, I went into the bank. There was a large queue in front of the customer service desk. I looked around to see if there were any displays suggesting where we can go redeem our gifts and there was no such displays. So I stood in the queue. Shortly I saw many of those in the q being redirected to another q inside the bank. That's when I noticed a lady having the printout and going towards the same Q. So I left the q I was standing in and went to the second Q...after considerable waiting it was my turn. After all the verification processes, I was asked to choose a scratch card and as expected, I got "DBS Exclusive Premium". They asked me to sign a form declaring that I had received my gift and gave me a notebook (not the IBM one, just a plain paper notebook). The cover said, just spend a minute...so I thot the Exclusive Premium details wud be inside and eagerly opened the notebook to see wat was inside. It was again just advertisements to use the internet banking. Now I was totally confused...where was the gift? So I went and asked the lady abt the gift and she told "The DBS Exclusive Premium is actually the notebook". Imagine my disbelief...here I was, wasting more than an hour to get a notebook not even worth 2 dollars!!! I had spent more to get to their branch and I had to skip lunch as I was already late!!!

Pretty disappointed with the DBS Bank...atleast they could have renamed the gift or given something else.


Aravinth said...

i remember the proverb, " par assai perum nastam"

sripriyaa said...

very funny to read about your kela.

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