18 January 2005


Its pretty late to be wishing all a Happy New Year, but I had been on a vacation the past few weeks and couldn't blog.

Had been to India the past 2 weeks. But somehow this visit was laced with sorrow...althou hundreds of feet inland and no known person directly impacted, the tsunami has certainly left its mark. almost all whom I met and spoke to were moved by the plight of the survivors. The New year celebrations were muted and there was talk about the aids for affected people everywhere. A small consolation.

Then, coming to our whirlwind trip, we had our daughter's first birthday celebrations, followed by visits to quite a few temples. Was able to do a bit of shopping and then celebrated pongal at my in-laws place. Samyu enjoyed the mattu pongal as she got to see cows at close and able to touch them too!!!

Now we are back to routine...sigh!!

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