14 December 2004

This and that

Its been really hectic the past few days and I've been wanting to blog quite a few things...

First of all, my tribute to MS...a queen in the music world. I have admired her for years, not just for her music, but also for her charity works and of course her beauty... that beauty is not a superficial one. It comes from within..such serenity..this can come only to people who have come to peace with themselves. A unique figure. Her demise is a shock and a great loss.

Its Christmas time and the festive season is setting in...its so interesting to watch kids browse through the toys undecided on what to get for this Christmas...Orchard Road is beautifully decorated this time with themes from fairy tales. This time they have expanded the decorations upto Esplanade and around suntec city. So my office area literally glitters every evening :)

Saw the film 7/G RC. Not as good as the reviews. Its just another love story told in a different manner...and the ending was pathetic. It was like the director didn't know how to end the movie and wanted to have something different from the normal movies... The songs were very nice...

Read an article in the Streats about the infrastructure in India. The author had come down strongly on the government and how much we lack on our infrastructure. He has compared our infrastructure (or the lack of it) with that of China's and we don't seem to be any where near their level. He has also suggested we go in for municipal bonds as in US, to generate the money required for the upgrade. I personally feel that this would just become another means of making money for our politicians :(

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