27 December 2004

A silent prayer

I am not sure what was the urge in u to suddenly require thousands of souls near U...what set u to get thousands within minutes...thousands of innocent people without a clue as to what was to happen in the next few seconds...but God, please grant them eternal peace.

Also give mental and physical strength for those left suffering in this world...left without their near and dear ones...left with just the clothes on their back..give them the strength to forge ahead, to come to norms with their current situation. Give them the strength to accept what has happened.

God, please ensure that another quake or tsunami doesn't come around again. I'm sure they have had enough already.

God, please also safe guard the works of the good Samaritans from around the world from the corrupt minded officials. Let the help from various sources go directly to the affected people. Please sow a bit of compassion in the minds of the officials who would be responsible in distributing the aids. Let there be no hurdles for the NGOs, Red Cross and other organizations who come forward to help.

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