21 December 2004


Yesterday was wonderful. When my hubby and myself returned home after office, the house was beautifully decorated with a happy birthday banner and balloons. My 4 year old nephew (Rishi) is having his school holidays and being hyper active needs to be given some sort of work or the other. So, his mother assigned him the job of setting up a birthday party for his cousin (my daughter). He had blown a lot of balloons and hung it in every possible place. He had also put up a "Happy Birthday" banner with the photo of Samyu below it. Later when we returned from the temple, he got out the cake with a candle and the party began. It was fun, with both Samyu and Rishi vying to cut the cake and in the process got cake everywhere except their mouth. :)) Think this one would be the special birthday party etched in all our minds since it was small and intimate and both the kids enjoyed themselves. Don't know how she wud be on 31st as it wud be a bigger crowd and almost everyone new. Sometimes impromptu arrangements are the best!!!

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