17 December 2004

Its Friday!!!

Never have I been so happy to see its friday. This week has been very hectic with too many last minute problems at work. To couple with this, my collegue is on vacation and I had to hold the fort for two!!! Good that the week is over :))

Need to spend more time with my daughter. She has become very playful and wants us to play with her. She has learnt to take a few steps and enjoys playing bo-peep. Also she has become quite efficient in mimicking the actions of others. The other day she was busy writting something like her cousin and she reads the newspaper like her Daddy. Her best past time is making calls to 'God knows who' and she acts soo beautifully like listening to them and answering their queries.


Suba Raaj said...

Hey, happy to know that u r able to steal sometime off ur busy schedule to spend with ur sweet darling. Really this is an excellant part of the child's growth and evry1 watching it wud yearn for more.

I'm reminded of my nephew while reading abt ur daughter's activities. One thing i wud like to share here is abt his habit of talking over the fone. Whenever someone is over the fone and he's asked to talk, he'd feel shy and runaway. But, I heard my brother say this, One day suddenly he felt like calling up his dad, so he caried the mobile to his mom, made it clear to her tht she needs to dial up Dad's fone number and tell him abt his son (my nephew). When my sis-in-law promptly acted the same way as he wanted, he's satisfied and grabs the fone and places it in its own place.. He's 1.9 yrs old... jus' amazing brilliance these kids have.....

PVS said...

oh..so cute :))