21 April 2005

Uniquely Singapore - Contd

Continuing from my previous post.

4. The way the government embraces different religions and their festivals. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Serangoon Road decorated for Diwali by the government. Infact this was something that created a very good impression of Singapore on me that it was the first article I blogged about.

5. Neat City - by this I am not trying to highlight the more common, "Clean City" line. I'm referring to the neatly planned city. There are a large number of flyovers, but none of them are an eyesore. They beautifully blend with the surroundings. Another mention is the electric wires. They are all underground ones and hence you don't find ugly dangling ones from electric poles. Incidentally I noted both these features of Singapore only after visiting Bangkok. The moment I saw Bangkok, I wondered what was wrong with it and these things hit me right inbetween the eyes. Its interesting to note that none of these came to my mind when I had been to India....think I was more occupied at revisiting old memories :))

6. Singlish -- something really "Uniquely Singapore". Unless you are a Singaporean or had lived in Singapore or had a Singapore friend, you would not understand this. Although they claim to speak in English, you wouldn't be able to understand what they speak until you get to listen to it quite often. :)

Those are few of my observations about Singapore's uniqueness, although I'm sure that STB would have another list such as the shopping, food, its zoo and airport.


Kaps said...

Talking of STB, they are really aggressive in marketing. They are advertising in SUN TV. They give weekly ads in India Today and Outlook....which goes like this:-
Your kids have studied about plants and animals in textbooks....give them a real taste of all this...bring them to Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo. Sounds funny.....seems like it works!

PVS said...

On SUN TV and in the Indian Magazines? Thats really interesting!! Think they are trying to capitalize on the cheaper fares and summer holidays in India now.

Regarding "Your kids have studied about plants and animals in textbooks", my nephew who is here on a holiday laughed on seeing cows, pigs and goats in the Zoo.

Cogito said...

India & China are the biggest tourist sources for S'pore. No wonder they advertise aggressively in the press of these 2 countries ..

Haha, I love "Singlish" . Its pretty cute lah..

Ram.C said...

STB is capable of doing all this. You can read my latest posting on 'metti oli' in my blog, which is related to this.

They will definitely lure more tourists by any means. This mere marketing has put them really on top, in this region

Ram.C said...

About Narayanamoorthy, being in the singapore panel..(Refer to comments section in your prev.post), that's Singapore...

Singapore is always proactive and foresee their market positon. So, they always to keep their brand alive.

Indian Government is always reactive.. even after that, they will face stiff oppostion from so called political bigwigs.

Twin-Gemini said...

Sing. has been on my list of countries to visit for a long time. Hope to atleast make a india trip via sing. soon.

SunTVian said...

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