08 November 2004

Diwali in Singapore

This is the second time I'm in Singapore for Diwali...the first time was my thalai diwali and this one is the first diwali for my daughter!!!

Its so different to celebrate diwali in foreign country and yet have all the settings as in India, which includes holidays, sweets, fireworks (althou this is very limited!!!), decorations, fair, etc.

There are quite a few things that are even better than in India, for example the decorations in Little India....whole streets are decorated with cut-outs and lights for a whole month and this is sponsored by the Government (dont think u can find something like this back home) and all taxis, buses and common display screens have Diwali wishes. Its like the whole country is celebrating.

Another interesting feature is the Diwali santhai (fair)....you have huge ground that is converted into a santhai with loads and loads of Indian things like chudidhars, sweets, fireworks, bags, accessories, cds, flowers and most importantly the mehendi artists....and this is much cheaper than in most cities inIndia...its jst S$5 per hand!!! So to have both ur hands decorated with mehendi on both sides, it wud cost only S$20 which wud come around Rs.500!!

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