22 November 2004


Have u ever wondered why India is not a hotspot for tourism inspite of having all the attractions boasted by the other favorites and more? I have always wondered about this whenever I visit a new place or country. What have we done...A lot has been discussed and digested burning down to the poor governance in our country and the infrastructure. But its really heart warming to see that India is gaining its rightful place in the tourism industry, especially due to the "Incredible India" advertisements globally. But we still have a long way to go in achieving our target... Tourism could easily become the highest foreign exchange earner for India.

I think we should focus on the following for us to achieve this:
1. Better Infrastructure
2. Good hotels
3. Promoting India globally as a tourist destination
4. Opening the skies (get more airlines and hence more tourists)

These are just a few for starters...We can improve on the others as we go on....


Anonymous said...


The points suggested for promoting tourism are really very efficient ones. I too share the same thought as yours. I have one point to add on to urs.

Foreigners vising India with great respect and regard for the country are to be taken care of properly and they should be assured security of their belongings.

When I was returning to India from my foreign trip and was coming out of the airport, I heard that a foriegn lady coming just out after baggage checkout was enquiring about money exchange when one of the men ( not an airlines staff) offered to help and took many 100 $ bills and gave her some Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 in exchange. This I am not sure if the lady was that naive not to know the exchange rate. But, the person who was narrating this was sympathizing for the foreigner being cheated.

So, I feel the tourists should feel secure in our Country and that would also improve tourism.

Wat say u?

PVS said...

yea, am totally with u on this