09 November 2004

Good start for the day

Had two mails with good news this morning...so the day has started well and hope it maintains thro the day :)

Some things when happens to your friend, makes you more happy than if it was to happen to you. So am very happy for my friend and wish her & her family the very best. Nice things do happen to nice people :)

Things are happening around the world!! US $ is going down marked by a forecast of large American trade deficits...means better exchange rates for Sing $ against the Indian rupees. Arafat's health looks down the hill...think another power struggle is on the way. MM Lee backs retiring late...good... it is really astonishing to see that people here are rejected becos of age at job interviews, thought you wud be a more sort after person as u grow old due to the experience u have, but here it is different. They prefer younger people!!!


Aravinth said...

welcome to the world of bloggers...it is like the dot com boom...

Anonymous said...

Vani, nice to read abt updates in this link .. good work doing.. keep doing... - sripriyaa