20 April 2005

Uniquely Singapore

This is the adage given by Singapore Tourism Board to promote Tourism in Singapore...and the lengths they go to, to attract tourists is really amazing. The recent one being the Casinos. But they don't want to name it a Casino...its an Integrated Resort!!!

Coming to think of it, what would I call unique in Singapore?

1. The greenery (but this has a sore point with me. Singapore is touted as the garden city...for me a garden means beautiful, colorful flowers spreading their fragrance. Singapore has only green trees, plants and grass all around. So I feel it should be called a green city.)

2. Moving from a third world country to a first world country within a decade (that's some achievement!!!)

3. With only 632 sq kms available and four million people to accommodate, Singapore has managed really well, by having almost 40% of undeveloped land still at its disposal!!! All thanks to the HDBs.

...getting late today. Will continue with this tomorrow.


Kaps said...

My $0.02 on what is unique -
East meets West.
Blend of culture, tradition.
Safe, modern, neat, multi-cultural city.

BTW Narayanamurthy is on the "Singapore Brand" panel. This panel meets every now and then to discuss how to build the Singapore brand.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Singapore is very well admired all over the world.!!

Its is green like you said and like kaps said, it has a good blend.

What people rave about here in the US ....is the Singapore Schooling system. Infact go to EBAY and look for say 'Singapore Math' you'll know what I mean.

I swear to god, a lot of people speak so high about the Singapore Zoo.

Kaps said...

I also read somewhere that Singapore Math is getting popular in the US.

Talking of Singapore Zoo, I was reading an article in today's newspaper....some animal (panther / jaguar) escaped thru an A4 sized hole and bit one of the tourists. Some of the trained staff used their techniques to catch the escaped animal. I guess the Night Safari is more popular.

Ram.C said...

The Public housing system had definitely pushed their image a lot. No doubt, that their marketing strength has helped them to come upto this level, in the world map.

I had also mentioned the same in one of my posting a few days back, on the skyscrapers.


PVS said...

hi Kaps, who is Narayanamurty?
Regarding the News about the Zoo, it was a jaguar that escaped from the zoo and a serval cat bit a tourist during a show in the night safari.

Hi Narayanan, I too read about the Singapore Maths being a rave in the US.

Ram.C, saw your link. You have a nice blog

Kaps said...

I was referring to N R Narayanamurthy of Infosys.

PVS said...

I thought it would be him, but why is he on the "Singapore Brand" Panel? Shouldn't he be on the "India Brand" panel instead? :p

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