27 April 2005


How many years has it been now? 2 - 3? That's when I last attended a full-fledged training in a classroom setting. So it was with a trepidation that signed in for the course. It was an interesting subject, one that I had longed to attend for a long time and it was related to my line of job.

The first day was really good. I managed to attend the full day without drifting off even for a minute. Now that's an achievement!

The second day started with another guy coming to train us and he had a vast experience in "Teaching" - being from a famous university here and had a good knowledge of the subject. This is where the problem began...Since he knew a lot, he was very enthusiastic about passing on the whole chunk to us...we the poor souls who were expecting to get a bird's eye view of the subject where subjected to a whole dose of technical jargons and calculations, such that at the end of the day, the trainer couldn't complete the course. So he left the last bit for us to go through. As my luck would be, this chapter covered my current scope of work and I had joined the course with the aim of getting a better understanding of it!!

So end result was -- I'm still a layman in that area.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

If I were you, I'd have requested the instructor to tone down...and come to the level you desired.!!

But...you can take the course again.!!

Aravinth said...

good back to square 1...

Ram.C said...

it happens sometime, when you get a well-qualified trainer.. we may feel left behind

PVS said...

Narayanan, that is the last course on this for this year. But they are planning to have a detailed course on the subject I was looking for. I'm planning to join that and hope it is not taken by the same person :)

Aravinth, yep :(

ram.c thats very true

Kaps said...

Training is good bcoz you get to visit some place away from your desk. Sometimes they provide food also....hence I like training.