07 April 2005

Govt offices are better

I was working for a MNC in Chennai for almost three years after which I got a transfer to their Singapore Branch. I was with them till last year, when I quit to join the current company. As per the practice of the Chennai company, once a person gets transferred to another branch, whether in India or abroad, the person's name is retained in the database as an active employee but transferred. They update the database once the employee returns or quits.

Its more than 5 months since I had resigned from the company and I had called the HR in Chennai to check out something. That was when I got the shock! The HR person informed me that I was still an active employee as per their database! This, when I had tendered my papers a month before quitting as required by them. I have also received my experience letter from the Singapore Office.

So how did this happen? Were the Chennai HR people not informed or was there some misinterpretation? (I don't know what or how they can possibly mis-interpret a resignation). How would it have been if my current employer had called them to check on my previous employment history? Would the HR have accepted something similar if done by an employee? (I remember the number of calls and mails sent to a person if he/she was not able to submit some paper or detail as required by the HR on time....that too with a CC to the person's manager!!!)

If a popular MNC that proudly proclaims itself as a PMM level 5 company with global standards can do this, then I feel that our government offices should be given an award!!!

PS: Is there any way I can get the salary for 5 months from them? :))


Chakra Sampath said...

There has been a missing link in the process somewhere.

This particular thing wouldn't have happened with my previous employer 'R'. Whenever an employee submits the resignation, the first thing they do is to issue a "stop payment" alert and record the resignation.. I know this as I had a friend of mine who was in HR. So, we would see ppl putting up their papers after checking whether the pay has been credited. :)

> Would the HR have accepted something similar if done by an employee? - hahahaha... in most IT companies i know, HR & the employees maintain a "i hate u, u hate me" attitude.. thats the bane in our industry, I guess.. not sure abt the other industries.

kichami said...

Dear P.V.S.I saw ur comment in my post.Thanks.First time,I am coming
to Ur blog.What Chakkara Sampath says is technically O.K but ot is a sad state of affairs of Ur erstwhile M.N.C(Here again I have my reservations on tnhe terminology
sincehaving an iperation in India and one more Asian or S.Asian nation they think it is prestigious to call it M.N.C).They all shout and tom-tom from roof tops nay from multistory tops about the marvels of I,T world,here they are Lazy,Lethargic and indifferant.The same thing happened to my elderson who tried to work in India for 6 months in a so called M.N.C throwing out a lucrative job in U S and he fially returned to U.S frustrated.
I hope everything is O.K.now.My nephew is in Singapore as Regl.Manager(Treasury)Standard Chartered bank Mr.Srinivasan, with H.Q at Singapore.All the best.
Partha krish

AF said...

I feel the S'pore office would not have communicated this to the Chennai branch!!. There are slackers everywhere you gooooo!!!

AF said...

I feel the S'pore office would not have communicated this to the Chennai branch!!. There are slackers everywhere you gooooo!!!

hari said...


The last line is very relevant. Ask your salary and immediately your name will get deleted from all records and you may in fact get another confirmatory relieving order.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Now you know they didn't get the CMM for their HR procedures.

MNC or Local companies...I guess these things happen everywhere.

I believe you are still working with them on transfer isn't it? If I am right, you don't want to shoot yourself in your foot. Let go.!

PVS said...

Hi Chakra, as I was a transferred employee, I was not being paid by the Chennai branch. Hence, I think the lethargy and reason for note noting anything amiss.

Very True Kichami Sir, this is something that needs to be paid more attention to if companies in India are aspiring to compete on a global level.

PVS said...

AF, yes, that might be true.

hari, :)

Narayanan, no I have left that company and joined another one. Yet, to be on the safer side, I have refrained from mentioning the company's name.

PVS said...

Finally, have managed to get them remove my name from Active Employees in their database!!! Got a confirmation mail just today.

intha mnc ooda kashtamda sami!!! Resign pannittu, statusaa maatha solli ISD panna vaendi irukku!!!