27 October 2005

Trichy-il oru mazhail kaalam

It rained 10cms in Trichy and heavy rains in Karnataka resulted in the current floods in Trichy and the surrounding areas. When I spoke with my parents who live in Thiruvanaikovil yesterday, they told that the whole of Chatram Bus-stand, Chinthamani and areas around the Cauvery river were submerged. But luckily there were unaffected. A few things that they told made me think.

1. The crack in one of the banks of cauvery near Srirangam was plugged using 40 bags of sand and that prevented further water flow into the city. -- kudos to those who did the job quickly and stopped a bigger damage.

2. Why is it that Trichy has become a city dependent on the climatic changes in Karnataka?

3. When will they build proper drainage facilities on the roads near St.Joseph's College and Holy Cross College? A small rain is sufficient to flood this area.

4. During the floods yesterday, there were too many police and firemen around giving different instructions that people were totally confused and majority of the commotion was because of this.

5. People living in the low lying areas next to the river had moved to the roads and were living there with no cover over them!!!

6. Cauvery brimming with water is such an extraordinary sight that there were hundreds of people on the Cauvery Bridge.


Ram.C said...

We need to accept the fact the Govt. needs to do a lot in terms of infrastructure development. Till then 'nam kaiye namakku udhavi'... that's what the people had done

Chakra Sampath said...

On hearing abt the rains in Trichy, I was elated as I had seen such heavy rains in 1993 or 94, when I was there. In the years followed by, our dear Cauvery was barren. But then, floods and the breach at Kollidam was bad. As I have said in several of my posts, India needs a comprehensive Disaster Management System - both for natural and man made disasters.

Anonymous said...

I studied in SJC during 1993-94 and I still remember that our hostels were flooded and had to evacuate.

Alaphia said...


Im a reporter and i have come down to Trichy to cover the post-rain situation. Well post-rain because it has not rained today. Im new to Trichy so it will be great if you can give me more details on what kind of flooding the city has experienced over the years. Do the authorities do anything about encroachment? What do your parents have to say?

Alaphia said...
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