18 October 2005


Shopping for Deepavali is something that we and our kids are surely going to miss. Although Deepavali is celebrated in Singapore and you get the festive feeling when you do to Little India, I have always felt that the essence of Deepavali is somehow missing. I certainly miss the crowds on the streets and shops, during the weeks nearing Deepavali...and its always a pleasure to buy for an occasion. The past few years, our Deepavali dresses are one of those we got long back or some dress sent from India. Although we prepare sweets and savouries at home, the joy of sharing it with the neighbours and friends is so restricted here. Most of all I miss the fire cracker sounds that almost makes one go mad during this time.

Oh...how I miss it all!!!


Kaps said...

Although I agree with all the points raised by you, I am quite happy bcoz we atleast get a day off for Deepavali. This would not be the case in the West.



Ram.C said...

I agree with you that we miss that feel.. After a long gap, my son had a chance to go to India last year after his exams and enjoyed the 'real' deepavali...there.

Chakra Sampath said...

you get a day off is it? thats cool.. this year i am planning to take a day off.

only y'day my wife & i were talking whether our son wd grow up without knowing abt deepavali, navarathiri, pongal etc.